KLEEBA CHALLUNGE

The Kleeba Challunge is a travelling tournament held annually among the Wisconsin chapters of Muskies, Inc. There are currently nine chapters. The tournament was named after a member of Headwaters chapter, Larry Kleeba, who held the position of “Director at Large”. Larry moved to the Conover, Wisconsin area from Illinois. He was well known in the area and had many friends in Muskies, Inc. He has been described as a party kind of guy who loved to fish for muskies and was very good at it. Larry died in a tragic car accident near his home, after which during a Musky Club Alliance meeting, it was decided to name this tournament in his honor.

The tournament is a trophy only tournament whereas Headwaters chapter sponsors all club members fishing for the honor of having the chapter’s name added to the trophy for winning the tournament in any given year.



2014 Larry Kleeba Challunge

The 2014 Larry Kleeba Challunge will be hosted by Titletown-Packerland Chapter 06 of Green Bay.
The challunge will be held June 20th - 22nd on North Twin-South Twin Lakes and Lac vieux Desert.
Host for the event will be the Holiday Lodge Phelps, Wisconsin located on Hwy 17.

Check in time:  6 to 9 p.m. Friday evening at the Holiday Lodge.

Fishing times:  6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday with an organized lunch for all contestants at the Holiday Lodge starting at 1 p.m.  Fishing continues from 2 p.m. until 12 noon on the 22nd.

Awards for the Kleeba Challunge will be at the Holiday Lodge at 1 p.m. Sunday.

Lodging is available in Phelps and the Eagle River area.

Contact Jerry Hollnagel at or (920) 295-4174 if you want more information and/or if you wish to fish this event.


2013 Larry Kleeba Challunge

The 2013 Larry Kleeba Challunge was hosted by the First Wisconsin Chapter 6 of Chippewa Falls.  The challunge was held  June 22nd and 23rd on the Holcombe Flowage.  Host for the challunge was Ted's Timber Lodge Resort located on the south shore of the flowage. Contact Jerry Hollnagel or (920) 295-4174 if you want more information and/or if you wish to fish this event.

We had 60 members fishing from 6 Chapters, 9 fish were caught the biggest ,Russ Gilbert caught a 48" from 1st Wisconsin ,Randy Rudie caught a 45" from God's Country. Five fish were caught on Saturday leaving Sunday up for grab's. Four more fish were caught on Sunday morning . Three by 1st Wisconsin Chapter 
35" - 36" - 48" all with in a 2 hour time frame from 3 different boats.
The weather didn't help ! Friday morning we had a bad storm that dumped a lot of rain and the water was high and fast. All had a good time !
1st Wisconsin Chapter won with 41 total points
Looking at the schedule Titletown Chapter (Green Bay) will host the 2014 Kleeba Challunge

 2013 Winner  1st Wisconsin (Chip Falls)

  • .

    Headwaters Teams  Lake Holcombe

  • Team #1 - 4th Place
    Jerry Hollnagel, Margie Hollnagel - 31.5", Jay Hollnagel, Louie Dreger,
    Zach Scheuers  &  Sean Scheuers - 32"

    Team #2 - 3rd Place
    Joe Koschnik - 30" & 34" , Glen Matula, Paul Krebsbach, Sam Krebsbach,

    Carol Chwala & Lloyd Fisher
  • ...............

  • Kleeba Hosting Chapter

    Year                WI Chapter

    2014                     Titletown

    2015           Hayward Lakes

    2016                  Milwaukee

    2017     Between the Lakes

    2018                Headwaters
    2019            God's Country

    2020      Central Wisconsin

    2021                Capital City
    2022                Northwoods
    2023              Wausau Area
    2024            First Wisconsin

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    The first Muskies, Inc. Chapter Challunge (later named the Chapter Challunge and then in 1985 was again renamed the Gil Hamm Memorial Chapter Challunge) was held on the Minocqua Chain in Wisconsin, September 1977, and hosted by the Chicagoland Muskie Hunters Chapter. The first winner of the famous “Lunge Bucket” went to the Fargo-Moorhead Chapter.

    The original Challunge concept was pioneered by one of our past presidents and at the time the president of the Chicagoland Muskie Hunters Chapter…Steve Statland. This chapter event was conceived as an outing where anglers would represent their chapters, get to know other chapter members, and have a friendly muskie fishing competition.

    This still happens today. The “Lunge Bucket” was created by Steve as a suitable trophy commemorating the event. This bucket held the sucker that caught the very first muskie at around 10:00 am, opening day of the first Challunge by Steve. He had it brass plated, bolted a leaping brass muskie to the lid and had it appropriately engraved. Each year a new chapter is awarded the “Bucket” and has the date, location, winning team and number of points appropriately engraved.

    One more note regarding that first Challunge…Statland, as team captain for the Chicagoland Muskie Hunters, made a wager with Bob Schmidt, who was the team captain with the Fargo-Moorhead Chapter. The stakes were a bottle of good whiskey. At the 1978 Spring Awards Banquet in the Twin Cities, Steve presented Bob with the Lunge Bucket, inside, Steve placed a small bottle of Crown Royal. That same bottle remained in the Lunge Bucket for several years until the Hayward Chapter won their first Challunge, whereupon the Crown Royal mysteriously disappeared.

    This tournament is open to all MI members. The winning Chapter of the prior year's tournament sponsors the next tournament and chooses the body of water to fish.

    The dates for the 2013 Challunge is September 18 - 20 and is sponsored by the Chicagoland Chapter.  The host is Spring Bay Resort, on the west arm of Lake Vermilion in northeast Minnesota. The resort features new cabins that have fireplaces, leather couches, wi-fi internet access, free long-distance phone calls, great kitchens, and comfortable beds. The owners are genuine people who treat you more like a friend and are offering a special rate.  Vermilion Dam Lodge and the Muskego Point Resort are also offering special rates for the event.  Visit the Gil Hamm Tournament website: for information, agenda, teams and leaderboard updates (after the Challunge is underway).

    Contact Dale Peterson (715) 542-2012 or Bill Jacobs (715) 891-5574 for more information or for assistance in making reservations.


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